Facebook Cloning: What to Do if You’re Cloned and How to Prevent It

Did you get ‘hacked’ on facebook or know someone who did? What we’ve seen a lot of recently is Facebook Cloning, where your profile is duplicated, then the hacker/scammer pretends to be you and sends friend requests and messages to your friends. Usually their intention is to try to get personal information, send malicious links, or ask for money from your friends.   Typically you’ll know if you’ve been cloned because a friend will let you know that they received a message or a friend request from you, and they feel it’s suspicious.  What to Do if You Were Cloned: If

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Web Accessibility

Web accessibility, it’s a thing! And guess what, it can be a problem. If your website is not compliant with the ADA website standards, you are not only neglecting a valuable percentage of potential customers, but you are also opening yourself up to a possible lawsuit. What does web accessibility mean? Web accessibility is a set of rules, behaviors, code standards and design guidelines, that are meant to allow people with disabilities to effectively use websites. It means your website must be able to be used by people with disabilities. This means all people with disabilities including: What does an

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Celebrating 1 Year

Mergz Media is Celebrating 1 Year of Business! We’d like to thank everyone for their support and for all the referrals we’ve received. Over the past year, we’ve created 15 new websites and 100s of graphics! We know this year will be a little more challenging, as many small businesses have been impacted by Covid 19. We hope those who are affected can use this downtime to make changes that will help improve their business for the future, including updating their website. We would love to help and will work with all budgets. We are also launching our Refer a

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